Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 for Season 10, Online Registration, Date & Venue

Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 for Season 10, Online Registration, Date & Venue: It is common knowledge that Zee Bangla Dadagiri is one of the most popular television programs currently broadcasting. Zee Bangla Dadagiri, a television program that aired for a total of eight seasons, recently presented its final episode. This program enjoys widespread support from the general public. This program and Kaun Banega Crorepati are essentially indistinguishable from one another. During this, they focus their attention primarily on a few Indian households. This KBC program is hosted by Amitabh Bachan, a Bollywood legend with a lengthy and illustrious career. Mr. Sourav Ganguli, an Indian cricketer, presents this program on Zee Bangla Dadagiri. To know the complete details of Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 for Season 10, Online Registration, read the article carefully till the end.

Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024

Please provide the email address for the official Zee5 website; online registration for the ninth season will soon commence. Here you will find information about the season 10Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024. Online Registration for season 10 of one of the most popular television entertainment series, Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition Online Registration, will soon commence. This program is structured like an exam, and participants have the opportunity to win money based on how well they answer the quiz questions.

This season, one of the most well-known Indian cricketers, Saurav Ganguly, will be responsible for hosting the program. Due to the success of the show’s first eight seasons, it is anticipated that season 10 will be both intriguing and entertaining. Due to Sarav Ganguly’s presence and the straightforward structure of the presentation, many individuals desired to attend this event. Participating in the Season 10 Dadagiri Unlimited Audition 2024 is currently easier than ever. To promote the global dissemination of knowledge, the following Online Registration information for this event has been included in this article. This program will be broadcast on Zee5.com. See here all the details of Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 for Season 10, Online Registration, Date, and Venue in detail.

Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition

Zee Bangla Dadagiri 2024 Season 10 Audition- Highlights

Article  Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 for Season 10, Online Registration, Date & Venue
Show  Dadagiri
Network   Zee Bangla
Seasons 10
Host By Sourav Ganguly
Language Bengali
Format Game show
Official Website  https://dadagiri.zee5.com/

Zee Bangla Dadagiri 2024 Season 10 Audition

Due to their participation in this show, every participant receives abundant opportunities. The benefits of using this platform are available to anyone who is attentive and knowledgeable about various subjects. Participants in the Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 season 10 have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and compete for the chance to win the title of the show’s champion. In addition, they will undoubtedly receive a monetary award. They can take advantage of this opportunity to realize their dreams if they receive funding. People must perform well at the Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 season 10 to be considered for roles on this program. Students will then be able to submit applications for this program.

Like KBC, this upcoming reality program on Zee Bangla Dadagiri will offer each of the selected contestants an incredible opportunity to participate. To participate in the Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 season 10 phase, the group will initiate the Online Registration process shortly. Then, candidates can submit applications for the same position. The rules and regulations for the Zee Bangla Dadagiri audition are part of the Online Registration procedure for the competition. The post will unquestionably aid you in completing Online Registration, examining eligibility requirements and essential documents, and receiving additional information.

Those of you who are young, enthusiastic about game shows, and anxious to demonstrate your depth of knowledge will find this program to be an excellent opportunity. The good news is that the new Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 season 10 will be broadcast presently, and the Online Registration procedure has already begun. People can partake in the show and converse with Mr. Saurav Ganguly if they utilize this feature, which will also provide them with this opportunity. Those interested in registering for this event can do so through its official website. Sending an email to their official email address or dialing their WhatsApp number will allow applicants to obtain additional information.

Required Qualifications for Participants

  • It is required that applicants be Indian citizens.
  • Applicants are required to present an identification document that is legitimate across the country.
  • To ensure that there are no communication issues during the performance, applicants must have a solid command of the Bengali language.
  • To be considered, the applicant must have no criminal history.

Main Requirements for Dadagiri Audition 2024

  • The applicant must provide a photograph and their Aadhaar card to be considered.
  • A short video introduction to myself.
  • In 2024, Online Registration for the tenth season of Steps of Dadagiri Unlimited will be available online.
  • The subsequent steps will guide you through the account Online Registration process in a more streamlined manner than the preceding ones.
  • The Zee5 website contains official information.
  • Register for an account on the site.
  • The Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024season 10 Registration process of Dadagiri should be chosen.
  • Complete the Online Registration form with the required identifying and personal information.
  • You should submit your short video introduction.
  • After that, you will be required to answer the queries on the application form.

Before deciding, the show’s selection staff will thoroughly consider each applicant’s qualifications. There will be a total of seven distinct stages within the selection procedure.

Methods of Participant Candidate Selection

After applicants have completed the Online Registration procedure, we will proceed to the phase of selection. The selection committee will contact the Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 season 10 individuals via telephone. The contestants will be selected based on their form-submitted personal information and the brief video attached to the form. As soon as pertinent information becomes available, the Date & Venue for online registration will be communicated. The official telephone number and email address will soon be listed on this page. Continue to travel with us.

The registration number for Season 10 Dadagiri Audition

Send your entries to the Dadagiri season 10 competition to the WhatsApp number 9105810529 if you wish to compete. On the official website of Zee5, an Online Registration form for the Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 season 10 is available. You must provide your personal information on this form, including your name, email address, phone number, Date & Venue, and mailing address. On the application form, there are mandatory fields that must be completed.

The Zee Bangla Dadagiri Programme 2024 Online Application Form

Srijit Mukherjee and one of the most talented singers currently active, Arijit Singh, collaborated on the music for the title track of the program. The region of Kolkata won the initial season of this great competition. Mr. Shahrukh Khan, known as the King Khan of Bollywood, made a notable appearance in the program’s final segment. Mithun Chakraborty, on the other hand, was an outstanding example of this phenomenon in the year 2012.

Date of the beginning of Season 10 of Dadagiri Unlimited

Currently, the eleventh season of Dadagiri is airing. Recently, the well-known peanut vendor Bhuban Badyakar, renowned for singing Kancha Badam Song, appeared on the program. Dada requested that he perform a few lines of the song, which he did.

To compete in the competition for Dadagiri Unlimited season 10, it is necessary to fill out their Online Registration form, which must be done first. The presenter of this Bengali adaptation of KBC is cricketer Sourav Ganguly. On the official website for Zee Bangla Zee 5, you can find information about the Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 season 10 date & Venue and the registration process for Zee Bangla Dadagiri Audition 2024 season 10.

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