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Upen Yadav is both the President of Rajasthan Berojgar Ekikrat Mahasangh and a social worker for the jobless. About thirty years have transpired since his birth. He is well-known for his role as a student leader who vigorously advocated for the needs and rights of younger individuals. Upen has spent the past nine years as the president of the Unemployed Federation of India advocating for the rights of the unemployed in Rajasthan. During the 2015–2016 school year, he was required to gnaw on police-supplied sticks, which ultimately caused him to bleed.

Due to their protests, fasts, and dharnas, the state administration, which is presently controlled by both the BJP and the Congress party, has repeatedly placed them behind bars. On other occasions, governments have also taken action by issuing removal orders to the police. One can anytime communicate with him on Upen Yadav’s Contact Number and WhatsApp.

Upen Yadav’s Phone Number

Upen Yadav is well-known among newer generations and unemployed young people. Due to his ideas and actions, he has an extensive social media following. A large number of people are familiar with the name Upen Yadav because he has been mentioned in the media. Still, they do not have any additional information about his biography. After passing the REET exam, he gained fame. He exacerbated the situation of the unemployed youth of the country. The government has taken action against Upen Yadav for cheating on the exam, and the police have apprehended him. However, a considerable number of young candidates support Mr. Upen Yadav and keep in touch with Upen Yadav’s Contact number and WhatsApp.

We can assist if you are a friend or an interested candidate looking for Upen Yadav’s Contact number, Whatsapp, and other information. We share the contact information of Upen Yadav, including his phone number, WhatsApp number, Mobile Number, and landline phone number, as well as his social media accounts and information about him. Therefore, if you desire additional information, please go through our entire post.

Upen Yadav Contact Number

While Upen Yadav was prepared to travel to Jaipur as a candidate, he decided to become the voice of the youth when he became distracted by the difficulties of the youth. Today, he traveled to Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi in an effort to obtain justice for the unemployed. Upen Yadav is descended from cultivators of the middle class. See the complete information of Upen Yadav’s Contact Number, WhatsApp, Twitter ID, Mobile Number, and Address in detail.

Upen Yadav’s Bio, Address -Highlights

Name Upen Yadav
From Jaipur, Rajasthan
Profession Speaker
Work for Rajasthan Unemployed Unified Federation
Office Address 1, Prem Nagar Vistar, Gopalpura Bypass, Near Mahesh Nagar Police Station, Jaipur, India, 302019
Born Date N/A
Born Palace N/A
Education BSTC
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Support to Unemployment  youth of the state

Upen Yadav Telephone Number

The individual designated to represent the state of Rajasthan is Upen Yadav. He is the representative of the Rajasthan Unemployment Unified Federation and a staunch advocate for unemployed young people in Rajasthan. Upen Yadav has a substantial number of youthful supporters who are always in touch with Upen Yadav’s Contact Number, Mobile Number, and WhatsApp. When he spoke out in support of unemployed youth, Upen Yadav rose to prominence. And when the REET exam is administered, the fraudulent individual shares the exam paper. The SOG will then conduct an investigation into this fraud.

Upen Yadav Contact Number 094601 97575

Upen Yadav’s Contact Information, Including the Contact Number

Upen Yadav has inspired a large number of prospective candidates to take action, and they are eager to speak with him. They wish to communicate with him to discuss their concerns. Upen Yadav is always available to facilitate the populace. Calling Upen Yadav’s Contact Number or Mobile Number will allow you to communicate with him and schedule a meeting with him.

Upen Yadav’s Phone Number 094601 97575
Upen Yadav Whatsapp Number 94601 97575
Upen Yadav Email ID N/A
Upen Yadav Website N/A
Upen Yadav Address 1, Prem Nagar Vistar, Gopalpura Byepass,
Near Mahesh Nagar Police Station, Jaipur, India, Rajasthan

Upen Yadav Popularity

The number of people who follow Upen Yadav on Twitter ID, which is approximately 5 lakh, and the number of youthful people who are connected with Upen Yadav on Facebook, approximately 1.30 lakh, are both excellent indicators of Upen Yadav’s popularity. On Upen’s appeal, thousands of candidates ran for office in support of the movement, which has become an integral part of state governments.

Upen Yadav Purpose:

One of Upen Yadav’s primary objectives is to eradicate rigging, and other unethical hiring practices, as he is a staunch advocate of hiring process transparency.

Upen Yadav intends to balance the playing field for all aspirant candidates through the promotion of justice and equal opportunities, as well as the advocacy for enhanced examination standards.

Upen Yadav has arisen as a beacon of hope for the young people of Rajasthan as a result of his unwavering dedication and determination toward his work. As he fights tenaciously to address the challenges the unemployed and aspirational youth encounter, his efforts have attracted attention and garnered support. He is attempting to resolve these concerns.

Upen Yadav plays a crucial role in determining the future of the workforce in the state of Rajasthan by amplifying the voices of young people and advocating for necessary reforms.

Upen Yadav’s accomplishments transcend ordinary lobbying because he has become a prominent advocate for the destitute and the youth. He works diligently to enhance the lives of unemployed individuals and bring about positive change in the world.

Upen Yadav’s Social Media Accounts

You can follow Upen Yadav across multiple social media platforms. Virtually everyone has a social media profile. All of Upen Yadav’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter ID, and Instagram, have a tremendous number of followers.

Facebook account of Upen Yadav www.facebook.com/theupenyadav
Twitter account of Upen Yadav Twitter/theUpenYadav
Instagram account of Upen Yadav https://www.instagram.com/theupenyadav/

It is an excellent method for connecting with anyone on social media. You can also send him private messages in addition to conversing with him on Mobile NumberorWhatsApp, or Twitter ID. You can also submit your own recommendation and leave a comment on his most recent post on Twitter ID. He always communicates with those who follow him.

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