Udhayanidhi Stalin Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID & Office Address

Mr. Udhayanidhi Stalin is a well-known youthful social activist, politician, and actor who works in India’s Tamil Nadu State’s Tollywood Film Industry. In addition to being the son of the state’s Prime Minister, MK Stalin, he is also actively engaged in the state’s political life. He devotes much of his time and energy to volunteer work for state residents. In addition, he participates in charitable activities through social media. Udhayanith Stalin is renowned for assisting state residents experiencing difficulties via social media and Email ID and Office Address.

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Phone Number

On this page, we have compiled all of the information about the questions asked by residents of the state of Tamil Nadu on Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID, and Office Address. In addition to being personally involved in state politics, he has always shown a keen interest in supervising all social welfare programs administered by the state government. The contact information for Udhayanidhi Stalin’s social media accounts, including Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID, and office Address, is provided in the table below.

Udhayanidhi Stalin Contact Number

Udhayanidhi Stalin Contact Details – Highlights

Name Udhayanidhi Stalin
Date of Birth 27th Nov 1977
Age 43
Birth Place Chennai
Education BSC
Father Name CM M.K. Stalin
Profession/work Social service and cinema sector
Spouse professions Private-sector employees
Udhayanidhi Stalin Address 25 /9 Chitra Ranjan Silai Cenotaph 2nd Street, Teynampet Chennai – 600018

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Contact Number, Email ID & Office Address

Udhayanidhi Stalin is pursuing a career in state politics, as detractors frequently assert on various news channels and websites. Let us also tell you that this is what we will say. However, this information regarding his political beginnings has yet to be formally verified. His involvement in state government-led social welfare initiatives and social work through social media has earned him a positive reputation among the younger generation and the rest of the state’s residents. Shortly, Udanidhi Stalin will become actively embroiled in the politics of Tamil Nadu State if his admirers are to be believed. Read more on Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID, and Office Address.

His father, MK Stalin, encouraged him to participate in state politics and instilled in him confidence regarding his future as a politician. He is always willing to listen to people’s concerns and assists them in developing answers that will benefit the state’s population. This article contains Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Contact Number, his personal WhatsApp No, and other pertinent information regarding this topic, like Email ID and Office Address, for your convenience. Continue scrolling below to view additional content.

Phone Number 044-2435-6600
House Address 25/9, Chittaranjan Road, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Residence Address Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Official Website Not Known
Fax Number Not Known
Office Address Not Known

Biography of Udhayanishi Stalin

A 46-year-old politician serves as the Minister of Youth Welfare and Sports Development for the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. After completing his education, he has always been involved in social service in the state due to his family’s political history. After graduation, he intended to pursue a career in the film industry.

  • Following is a brief biography of a youthful political figure from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Udhayanidhi was born in 1977 in the Indian city of Chennai, which is in Tamil Nadu.
  • His grandfather, M. Karunanidhi, was the founder of the DMK party and a former chief minister of Tamil Nadu.
  • He attended Don Bosco School in Chennai during his elementary and middle school years. He then attended and graduated from Loyola College in Chennai.
  • In addition to being a member of a family that has been prominent in the Tamil film industry since 1950, he entered the industry as a producer and distributor.
  • He ultimately joined the DMK party and rose through the ranks to become the organization’s youth section president.
  • In 2021, he entered politics for the first time and was subsequently elected as the representative for the Chepuak district.
  • He is presently serving as the government’s Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Udhayanidhi Stalin Family

Father M.K. Stalin
Mother  Durga Stalin
Wife Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi
Children Inbanithi (Son)
Tanmaya (Daughter)

Udhayanidhi Stalin WhatsApp and Email Addresses

Many people accidentally stumble upon his home since he is readily identifiable in large crowds. Because he is also a well-known actor, director, and producer in the Tamil Film Industry, he is occasionally placed in embarrassing situations when fans arrive at his residence to greet him or wish to direct contact by Udhayanidhi Stalin Contact Number, WhatsApp NoandEmail ID & Office Address.

Email Id [email protected]
WhatsApp Number 044-2435-6600

Udhayanidhi Stalin Personal Assistant Number

Currently, the smartphone has made it possible for people to communicate with each other more quickly and easily through the WhatsApp application. To keep him informed of the myriad social issues confronting the state and his constituency, many individuals are interested in communicating with him via Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID, and Office Address. At this time, the WhatsApp No or Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Contact Number is not available to the general public in Tamil Nadu.

Udhayanidhi Stalin Personal Assistant Mani Raj
Udhayanidhi Stalin PA Contact Number 9800xxxxxx
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Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Social Media Accounts

Instagram Click Here
Twitter Click Here
Facebook Click Here

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