SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 Winner, Contestants List, Judges, Zee5 SRGMP Season 11

Hello and welcome to our blog, everyone! Thank you for stopping by. We are thrilled to bring you the most recent information regarding SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 today. SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs, one of the most-watched singing reality shows, highlights the extraordinary talent of young singers from all over the country. The show has captivated viewers for several seasons with its highly talented contestants, renowned judges, and captivating performances.

In the tenth season of SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs, we can anticipate that the young contestants will put on an outstanding display of their musical prowess. With their upbeat performances and soulful melodies, these talented youngsters are ready to leave an indelible impression not only on the panel of judges but also on the audience. The highly regarded panel of judges will offer helpful suggestions and feedback to assist these emerging talents in realizing their full potential.

We will talk about the winner of SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024, the entire list of contestants, and information about the respected judges in this blog post. Additionally, we’ll tell you where to watch all the exciting episodes on Zee5. So, keep an eye out for any updates, and with SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024, let’s dive into the magical world of music!

SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024

In summary, the highly anticipated tenth season of the popular singing reality show SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 has arrived. It demonstrates the exceptional musical skills of exceptionally gifted young singers from across the nation. It appears that the upcoming season will be an exciting journey filled with stunning performances and fierce competition.

SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs Winner
SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs Winner

These young contestants have the opportunity to showcase their singing abilities and receive guidance from highly regarded judges on the show. With each episode, the contestants try to win over the audience and impress the judges with their heartfelt performances. SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 is a celebration of music, talent, and youthful passion that is an unforgettable experience for both participants and viewers.

SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 Winner, Contestants, Judges: Overview

Article Topic SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 Winner, Contestants List, Judges, Zee5 SRGMP Season 11
Show Name SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs
Year 2024
Channel Zee TV And Zee5
Season 11
  • Shankar Mahadevan
  • Himesh Reshammiya
  • Alka Yagnik
Hosted By TBA
Genre Singing Reality Television
Original language Hindi
Category Entertainment

SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs Contestants List 2024

  1. Adwaith Alok
  2. Agastya Karthik
  3. Aishwarya Raghuram
  4. Anwesha Kamath
  5. Dhanush
  6. Hrithik Sundar
  7. Mahima Pai
  8. Malvika Shenoy
  9. Pranav Venkatesh
  10. Srishti Sudhir
  11. Tejas Menon
  12. Varun Sandesh

Host of SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs Season 11

The host of SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024, now in its tenth season, exudes charisma, charm, and a lot of energy on stage, making the contestants and the audience feel at ease. The host’s job is to keep viewers interested and entertained while also guiding show participants through their journey.

Therefore the host adds a layer of excitement to the show, making it an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone involved with their witty banter, stage presence, and ability to connect with both the young contestants and the viewers at home.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Children aged 5 to 15 are eligible to attend the audition.
  • Indian nationals or valid proof of Indian citizenship are required for participation.
  • All contestants must be talented in Indian classical, semi-classical, or light music and have a passion for singing.
  • The audition is only open to solo artists; No group entries are permitted.
  • Hopefuls ought to be actually and intellectually fit to take part in the thorough contest.
  • There should be no contracts or agreements between participants and other music labels or shows.
  • During the audition, contestants must provide proof of age and the necessary identification documents.
  • Participants under the age of 18 require parental consent.
  • The judges and production team’s decisions, as well as those of the contestants, must be complied with by all contestants.

SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 Season 11 Online Registration Process

  1. Take a look at SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs’ official website.
  2. Select the “Audition” or “Registration” tabs.
  3. Complete the required personal information, such as name, age, and other details.
  4. If asked, include a recent photograph and any supporting documents.
  5. Accept the registration’s terms and conditions.
  6. Submit the registration application.
  7. The registration confirmation or acknowledgment number should be recorded.
  8. Wait for additional information about the audition dates and locations from the show’s creators.
  9. Follow the instructions to attend the audition.
  10. Be prepared to demonstrate your talent to the judges during the audition by adhering to all guidelines.

Zee TV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Winner Name, Judges and Host

Season and Year Winner Host Judges
1 (2006) Sanchita Bhattacharya Shaan Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Alka Yagnik, Bappi Lahiri
2 (2007) Anamika Choudhari Aditya Narayan Suresh Wadkar, Sonu Nigam
3 (2009) Hemant Brijwasi Dhairya Sorecha, Afsha Musani Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Alka Yagnik
4 (2011) Azmat Hussain Jay Soni Adnan Sami, Kailash Kher, Javed Ali
5 (2014) Gagan Gopalkrishna Gaonkar Aditya Narayan Alka Yagnik (Mahaguru), Shaan, Monali Thakur
6 (2017) Anjali Gaikwad and Shreyan Bhattacharya Aditya Narayan Himesh Reshammiya, Javed Ali, Neha Kakkar
7 (2019) Sugandha Date Ravi Dubey Shaan, Richa Sharma, Amaal Malik
8 (2020) Aryananda Babu Manish Paul Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan
9 (2022) Jetshen Dohna Lama Manish Paul Anu Malik, Neeti Mohan and Shankar Mahadevan
10 (2023) Supriya Joshi
11 (2024) TBA TBA TBA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who is the SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 winner?
    Ans. The SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 winner has not yet been announced.
  • Where can I find the SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 contestant list?
    Ans. The list of contestants for SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 can be found on the show’s official website or social media.
  • Who will be the SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 Season 11 judges?
    Ans. There has been no official announcement regarding the judges for SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs 2024 Season 11. Keep an eye out for announcements from the show’s organizers.

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