P Nation Audition 2024 Application Form Online, Email, Venue & Eligibility Criteria

P National is a successful organization as we all know. Psay founded the company. It is also one of the leading companies in K-pop. All contestants are currently in the music industry and have established themselves as P Nation musicians. P Nation is a South Korean music production and entertainment group. Based in E Nation, the company offers online application processing facilities.

People with vocal dance rap and acting talents do their own auditions. PSY auditions for music production are also open. If you wish, you can register alone or in a group. One of the best things about ethnic series is that there are no ethnic barriers. Depending on where they come from, the first PNation is an internationally recognized brand, and of course, many of its designers have also received prestigious awards. D. Artists like Ark and Jesse are from other countries and Jesse is a lesser-known Korean-American. Here you have been provided with the complete details of the P Nation Audition 2024 Application Form Online in detail. So read the article carefully till the end.

P Nation Audition 2024

Regardless of your skill level, P Nation supports you in, for example, singing, dancing, rapping, and making music. The P Nation Online Try-out is open to all classes. In this article, you will find all information about P NATION 2024 online exam, the age limit, last other important and much more. These activities are for groups of all ages. People can register online to perform, dance, sing, rap, and more. Just check all performance requirements.

P Nation Audition
P Nation Audition 2024 Application Form Online

The members of the event decided to test possible opponents. This is good news. The P Nation team also organized a test approved by Instagram for this. You will also see updates about it. You can also unlock other options by participating in this event. You must submit your audition video via the P Nation Audition email address we provide. See here the complete details of the P Nation Audition 2024 Application Form Online, Email, Venue, And Eligibility Criteria in detail.

P Nation Audition 2024 -Highlights

Article P Nation Audition 2024 Application Form Online, Email, Venue & Eligibility Criteria
Audition For P Nation Audition
Year 2024
Type of Auditions Vocal,
Music Production & Acting
Founder Name PSY
Audition Mode Online
Apply Email Id [email protected]
Official Website

P Nation Audition 2024 Venue

There are national concerts all over the country. Anyone who wants to join. P Nation is a South Korean music and entertainment group formed about four years ago. P Nation’s talent search exercises are currently underway. People with hidden voices who dance, rap, and act deserve to audition. Even if people know how to play good music, they can participate. Individual applicants can be interviewed, and a group can be proposed under certain conditions. Anyone from all over the world can take the exam, and there are no nationality restrictions.

Important Information About P Nation Audition

  • P Nation is a company named after PSY because PSY founded it.
  • PSY is a South Korean celebrity. He is also a singer, writer, dancer, and actor. The company was founded and celebrated on October 29, 2018. P Nation is also part of K-pop. All the people associated with P Nation are popular singers and musicians.
  • In-person exams at P Nation follow the virtual exam round.
  • Participants will receive their results within two weeks of the submission date.
  • Applicants can apply as a group, but only one candidate can be selected.
  • Musicians should bring copies of their library, including samples and songs.

Eligibility Criteria for P Nation Auditions

  • Everyone who wants to be part of the event is welcome to practice.
  • There is no time limit.
  • Participation in the program is not limited by age, gender, or race.
  • The contestant must have the ability to sing and dance.
  • You must upload a video of your ability that lasts between one and three minutes during the test after reciting it.

Documents required for the prosecution of the P Nation Audition

  • All identity cards
  • Any proof of citizenship
  • Proof of age
  • Health card
  • Mobile phone number  

P Nation Agency is looking for singing, dancing, or rapping talent. You will be selected for this company. The company also has an Instagram account where all good candidates can appear. National tests precede the final selection.   

Procedure To Participant Registration for P Nation Online Audition

So it’s a pretty simple process.

  • Visit the official website of P Nation. What is it:- www.pnation.com.
  • Click the Audition button.
  • You can download the application form here, fill it out, list your talent, and send it to [email protected].
  • You can also upload videos of your talent to the official P Nation Instagram page. Link to Instagram: www.instagram.com/pnation.official.
  • You can submit your test video at any time.
  • P Nation Agency takes online gigs 24/7.

If selected for P Nation Agency, you will be terminated or notified by email and cell phone. 

So get ready for the P Nation audition. You may be selected for P Nation if you are talented and lucky. That would be a great opportunity. So don’t forget to take risks. We hope you enjoy this informative article. If you have any questions?

P Nation Audition 2024 Participation Instructions

  • Each participant must upload a photo before uploading a video.
  • You must include information about yourself, such as name, age, contact information, etc. In the video.
  • Finally, if you make this movie, please send it to the P Nation email address, le.pnation.com.
  • Once you have been selected for the concert, P Nation staff will care for you.
  • Contact us about the next course.   

Results for P Nation Audition 2024

  • According to the requirements of this test, only selected applicants will be notified of P Nation 2024 results. The individual scholarship group invites only selected applicants.
  • I know many people have the ability and desire to participate in this program. The team will create their own P Nation Audition Instagram account for those interested.
  • The show is not only local but also international. The team will contact you to provide various opportunities for young talent in this event.
  • Send your ticket to Nation P with love and support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is P Nation?
    Ans. P Nation is a company looking for new talent.
  • How can I apply for P Nation 2024?
    Ans. Your email subscription is optional.
  • How to Check P Nation Audition Online?
    Ans. All information on federal litigation is available from the office.
  • How do you check the age of a show?
    Ans. You can check your age limit on the website, which is also on the same page.
  • What is the application deadline for the P Nation Auditorium?
    Ans. You must verify all information before applying.

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