Manisha Gulati Contact Number, Whatsapp No, Email ID & Office Address

Hello readers! You are warmly welcomed on our page and we express our heartfelt gratitude to you that you have selected our page to earn information. As you know, today the progress of women in India is visible in every field, be it politics, sports, education, and administrative work.  So today’s blog of ours is based on one such woman who is the shining star of Punjab, her name is Manisha Gulati.  Let us tell you that every person is impressed by his work and his work is really commendable.  Manisha Gulati is the chairperson of the Punjab State Commission for Women.  If you want to join them or want to earn any information related to them, then you are on the right page.  In this blog, we will discuss Manisha Gulati’s Contact Number, Whatsapp No, Email ID & Office Address in detail. For acquiring complete information, stay tuned with us.

Manisha Gulati Contact Number

Manisha Gulati was born in 1975 in Chandigarh.  She is the chairperson of the Punjab State Commission for Women. She is always ready to give women their rights.  The discussion of her work on social media is very impressive.  And this lady from Punjab is gaining immense popularity.  Because the public is very happy with the decisions taken for them. Manisha Gulati was married at a young age.  Her parents wanted to get their children married early because the family size was a bit big.  When Manisha got married, she was not that mature but she got a lot of support from her husband and she continued her education after marriage and reached this point.  

Manisha Gulati Contact Number
Manisha Gulati’s Contact Number, WhatsApp No

Today Manisha became more viral on social media because she encouraged a new bride to set up a hawker.  They believe that if a woman really wants help, then she herself has to come forward first, only then she can ask for help and take help. Manisha has 2 children.  And at the age of just 38, she has surprised everyone with his decision. She is a young ambitious woman. Manisha Gulati is 45 years old now. She is a very well-known lady who contests the rights of females in Punjab. To earn complete information related to Manisha Gulati’s Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID, And Office Address, you stay on our page.

Manisha Gulati Contact Number- Highlights

Article Manisha Gulati Contact Number, Whatsapp No, Email ID & Office Address
Name Manisha Gulati  
Age 45 year
Residence  Chandigarh 
Designation  Chairperson of Punjab State Commission for Women
State  Punjab
Social media (Handle) Manisha Gulati official (Instagram, Twitter, FB)
Parents Rama Shetty
Siblings Sanjay Nayyar
Husband /Spouse Puneet Gulati
Children Nakul Gulati, Shivankur Gulati
Contact Number  (+91) 88659-00064
Email ID  [email protected] 
Official website 
Official Address  Punjab State Women Commission, Sector 55, SCO 5, Phase 1, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali Village, Punjab – 160055

Manisha Gulati Life Details

Manisha Gulati was born with the blood of a front-runner.  She was elected as the chairperson of the Punjab State Commission for Women in 2020.  She is doing very well now.  Manisha Gulati is a very aware, dedicated, and strong-minded woman.  She takes out time to help women and children who are victims of domestic cruelty.  She always wishes for a better life for every living thing. Manisha Gulati once posted a video reassuring a woman who was being physically and emotionally abused by her husband.  The video went viral in no time.  Many lauded her for her bravery and stubbornness in calling out the domestic insurgency.

The career of  Manisha Gulati

Mrs. Gulati’s desire has always been to serve the country in one way or the other.  She is also ready to give details of her interactions with the community in times of grief.  Manisha Gulati was also a famous aide of IAS where she works as an officer. Now Manisha Gulati has also joined events and sessions internationally along with other eminent Indian politicians.  She could also meet high-profile Indian politicians like APJ Abdul Kalam, Narendra Modi, Ram Nath Kovind, and many others.

Social Media Accounts of Manisha Gulati

  1. Twitter =>
  2. Facebook page =>
  3. Instagram page =>

Work And Achievement of Manisha Gulati

Manisha Gulati has been fighting for women’s rights, which are given to women under the Constitution of India.  Any woman who feels that the administration is getting weak in taking steps for her rights can call on the number given by Manisha Gulati for women.  Manisha Gulati is doing good work for the betterment and shield of women in the state.  Everyone knows that Manisha Gulati is the head of the Punjab State Commission for Women.  So he has also given his contact number.  The number is 88659-00064.  Any woman who feels that she is being victimized on the basis of gender or any other matter can call on the given number.

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