Manish Kashyap Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID & Office Address

Manish Kashyap Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID & Office Address: We welcome you to our page and express our heartfelt gratitude to you who have selected this page to earn information. Today’s youth is looking for new means of entertainment and does not have to depend only on Doordarshan. All the means and options are available in front of him. Yes, you are reading absolutely right, there are many options available, and one of the most prominent of these is youtube.  So today’s article of ours is based on one such famous YouTuber Manish Kashyap. He is a journalist by profession and runs a news channel named ‘Sach Tak’. Recently, he got into controversy for telecasting the news of a man from Bihar being thrashed in Tamil Nadu. Some journalists claimed that he allegedly dragged the situation into the mainstream. However, some people want to contact him now. So here we are going to elucidate all the details about Manish Kashyap’s Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID & Office Address.  Stay tuned with us.

Manish Kashyap Contact Number

Manish Kashyap’s real name is Tripurari Kumar Tiwari, born on 9 March 1991 in Damaria Mahanawa, a small village in West Champaran district.  Her father Udit Kumar Tiwari is working in the Indian Army. He completed his primary education in a local government village school in 2007 and after completing intermediate in 2009.  For this reason, he moved to Maharashtra to pursue a civil engineering course. Finally, he completed his civil engineering course in 2016 at Savitribai Phule University, Pune.  But after completing his civil engineering course he again came back to his native village which is Bihar and instead of working anywhere as a civil engineer, he started his work career as a news reporter (journalist). 

Manish Kashyap, who hails from Bihar, is famous for his unique reporting.  For the past few years, the news reporting done by him was being liked a lot by the people.  It is believed that he is a journalist who always speaks the truth and brings out the truth.  They also count their shortcomings on the government.  He was born in a small village in Bihar and belongs to a middle-class family.  Manish Kashyap’s YouTube channel is famous among many people to date and Manish Kashyap is also known as the ‘Son of Bihar’. 

If we talk about Manish Kashyap’s family, then his father whose name is Udit Tiwari is working in the Indian Army.  That is his mother Grahani.  He also has a brother whose name is unknown but he works in a private company and is married.  At the same time, he has not shared much information about his family on any news media or social media platforms on the Internet.  Only information about his father’s name and profession is available in his family, while his mother’s and brother’s names are unknown, while others are not available.  The same Manish is yet to be married, whenever he was questioned about marriage, he always used to say why would anyone give a daughter to a revolutionary like us. To get in touch with Manish Kashyap, stay tuned with us. See here the complete information related to Manish Kashyap’s Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID, and Office Address in detail.

Manish Kashyap Contact Number
Manish Kashyap Contact Number

Manish Kashyap Contact: Highlights

Article   Sach Tak news contact number, WhatsApp No, Email ID & Office Address
Real Name  Tripurari Kumar Tiwari 
D.O.B 9 March 1991
Father’s Name  Udit Kumar Tiwari
Birth Place  Bihar
Father’s profession  Indian Army 
Zodiac  Libra
Education  B. Tech,  Civil Engineering 
Profession  Journalist, Youtuber 
YouTube channel  Sach Tak
Caste  Brahmin 
Height  5’6
Weight  80kg
Official website 
Email ID  [email protected] 
Net Worth 1 crore Monthly from YouTube 
Post Category  About Dynamic personality 

Manish Kashyap Career

On 13 July 2018, Manish started a news channel on YouTube named “Sach Tak” and started giving all such news through his videos including the advantages and disadvantages of truth, failures, and mistakes about the government.  Generally, he raised his voice against corruption.  In short, he usually updates the videos and maintains continuity with his loyal viewers and subscribers, and informs them about all the news like scams, bribery, rape, and various other issues. In fact, his unique and honest style of news reporting made him famous on all digital platforms.  So in this short span of time, people started taking an interest in all the news, and due to video viral activity by people, he became a sensation in Bihar as he got a lot of name and fame in the whole state.  

Manish Kashyap has millions of viewers and subscribers on his YouTube channel.  But nowadays he is popularly known as the “Son of Bihar”. He is a huge and mighty pillar of righteousness and truth that would require a lot of power to move.  But, breaking this pillar is a distant thing.  Lastly, his approach to journalism is cutting-edge.  Even if you are being completely honest, today’s news anchors are almost all sycophants of the political class. There is no such thing as truth these days.  Similarly, Manish Kashyap was such a news anchor, whose journalism was so open that Pakistan used to wet its trousers just listening to him, but the Maharashtra government wet its trousers in this way.  Meanwhile, he questioned his health in such a way that Babbar turned from a lion into a wet cat.

Manish Kashyap Contact Number, WhatsApp No, Email ID & Office Address

  • Contact Number:- (+91)9709920218, (+91)7011128182, (+91)8285841736
  • WhatsApp Number:-  (+91)9709920218
  • Email ID:- [email protected] 
  • Address:- Bihar, Patna

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    main Bihar ka lachar bebastha se bhut hi dukhi hu sare log presan hai yaha main Panchyati Nigam Bill Lana chata hu jisse bhut gramin and sehar ke logo ki paresani door ho jayegi ye is bill ka details main aapko contact krne pe de dunga is andonal me Mera sath de ….. ye aap se vinti hai
    mere mail id- [email protected]
    & WhatsApp & cont no 76547643**

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