KQ Entertainment Audition 2024 for Female Groups, Registration Date, Email ID & Official Site

KQ Entertainment recently entered bankruptcy proceedings for foreigners. First, we present the workshop and its results. KQ Entertainment is a South Korean music and entertainment company. The company has two other subsidiaries.

The company, producer, singer-songwriter, and producer are Seven Seasons (Block B only), and the co-producer is KQ. Today, the company has seven seasons and a small brand called KQ Production. From 2018 to the present, ATEZ has been the main artist of the company. South Korean-based KQ Entertainment is a rapidly rising multinational business expanding into domestic and foreign markets.

KQ Entertainment Audition
KQ Entertainment Audition Online Apply

The company aims to positively influence the music industry by using a system that considers the details and needs of musicians for the better development of artists. The training program creates a virtuous cycle that creates a new model of artist discovery, support, and creativity between idol bands and musicians to create mutually beneficial creative musical relationships. KQ Entertainment is currently home to global phenomenon ATEZ, producers, and artists EDN and Maddox, and the newest member of the Zickers family. Check below for more details regarding KQ Entertainment Audition 2024 for Female Groups, Registration Date, Email ID & Official Site.

KQ Entertainment Audition 2024

KQ Entertainment Company is one of South Korea’s largest K-pop entertainment companies. The company is well-known in Finland and abroad. Mr. Kim Kyu-wook is the CEO of KQ Entertainment. The company invests in and manages two brands, the Block B brand Seven Seasons. KQ became the no. 1 company and no. 1 music lyrics company worldwide due to rapid changes in national and international markets.

K-pop group ATEZ has also been part of KQ Entertainment Company since 2018. Fellaz has been under the company since 2016, and Hyo Young Sang since 2017. KQ Entertainment was founded as the first global music company that was flexible and responsive to rapidly changing national and international market conditions. Follow the steps below to audition for KQ Entertainment. All the steps I mentioned are valid and follow them.

Highlights – KQ Entertainment Audition for Female Groups, Registration Date & Email ID

Article Topic KQ Entertainment Audition 2024 for Female Groups, Registration Date, Email ID & Official Site
Audition Name KQ Entertainment
Year 2024
Country South Korean
Audition Type Hence, it is for Vocal, Music, Dance, Acting, and Model
Official website Click Here
Age Limit However, it is 12-24 Years
Audition Time Thus, in July
Category Audition

Tips & Tricks to Get a Spot in KQ Entertainment Auditions

It would be best to remember some tips and tricks to get a spot in KQ Entertainment auditions. These tips will benefit your exam papers. Below are all the details:-

  • It doesn’t matter if you are Korean. Most of KQ’s entertainment is not Korean. But if you are a foreigner, you must be fluent in Korean and at least one other language to be a true KQ entertainer.
  • Please read all selection criteria and guidelines carefully. Understand the art of the selection process. Increase your chances of getting selected. The audio video is clear and in good quality.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Testers also recommend choosing a song that sounds upbeat, reflects your vocal range, and doesn’t contain profanity or profanity in the music.

Some Important Documents Required for Auditions:

  1. Application form
  2. Front, side (left and right), and full body photos.
  3. Photo-shopped images are not accepted
  4. The video track is optional

KQ Audition Categories 2024

Distribution of songs You can try original singing, dancing, and singing without a microphone, instruments, or music.
In Producer Division In this section, you can listen to some songs and demo files with songs.

Steps to Apply Online for KQ Entertainment Audition 2024 Registration

  1. To watch the audition, visit KQ Entertainment’s official website: kqent.com
  2. You will see three locations on the website in the upper right corner. Choose the final layout, and you will be redirected to a new page.
  3. The screencast page will now open.
  4. On this page, you can find information about how KQ Entertainment recruits talent from various fields. Especially Idol performers, singers, and musicians.
  5. The company sponsors them and then launches the next generation of Hallyu. Then e1 will appear. Please fill out the form on the website and send it to the correct email address.
  6. You should get the application form from the official website. The form is reproduced here.
  7. First, select the category you want to join, date, participant name, birthday, gender, address, phone number/mobile number, and email address.
  8. In the next section, list your profession, height, weight, blood type, hobbies, skills, activities, and awards. The last part is a dream of personal introduction and hope.
  9. Document all this information carefully and review it before submission.
  10. If everything goes well, send this form to the official email [email protected].
  11. So finally, your KQ Entertainment gig application has been submitted.

KQ Entertainment Audition: Selection Process

Maintenance of records In the first step, the police will make a copy of your application and then check it.
Second hearing If your application is selected for session 1, you will be notified of your performance. This message will only be sent to selected subscribers.
Successful Notification If you pass the second test, it can get its own message.

Important Things to Do Before Auditioning for KQ Entertainment

Practice – Practice 24/7 and choose. Also, exercise at least 2 hours a day. When you audition, there’s dancing, choreography, and so on. At least he can dance better. And impressed the judges. Do you know what I mean!!!??? Practice makes perfect, and as I said, you will impress the judges.24/7 so you can be picked. When you audition with Dance, vocal, etc., you better be good at dancing.

Believe in yourself – It’s something you have to do. Companies don’t want shy people. But it’s good to exercise confidence in front of the judges. No makeup. Go makeup free when auditioning for a business or entertainment event. The judges want to see your face without makeup to see which parts need a facelift.

Don’t wear accessories – Chains like rings and so on. All these things revolve around you when you dance. It can be tied to pants. OK. Even with earrings. Do not wear large earrings. Try not to look like a horse with big earrings.

KQ Entertainment Full Address Details:

Address 4th Floor, Innobase Building, World Cup Buk – to 6 – gil3, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Telephone Number 02 – 3144 – 0877
Email Ud [email protected]
Way to reach there Subway Line 2 Hongik University Station Exit 5 minutes on Foot.

KQ Entertainment & Social Media Profiles

Email ID [email protected]
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kqent/?hl=en
Facebook https://facebook.com/kqent
Twitter https://twitter.com/kqent
Youtube https://youtube.com/kqent

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does KQ Entertainment accept females??
    Ans. Yes! They may not have female players anymore, but they do have students. You can also choose your gender on the registration form.
  • Who joined KQ first?
    Ans. Hongjong became the company’s first official apprentice, and six months later, Yunho joined the company’s office.
  • What is KQ Entertainment’s email?
    Ans. [email protected]@naver.com
  • What is KQ Entertainment’s official website?
    Ans. KQ Entertainment’s official website is www.kqentertainment.com
  • What industry does KQ Entertainment belong to?
    Ans. KQ Entertainment is in the industry of Hospitality General, Hospitality.

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