Hybe x Pledis Entertainment Audition Form 2024, Date, Venue, Email Address

X Pledis Entertainment is a South Korean company founded by Han-Sung-Soo in 2007.  At the very beginning, the company did not have any office premises except a single practice room. This basically started as a school or institution. Then the Hybe corporation is the major stakeholder of this company but despite this, it is an independent company and the head office is in Seoul, South Korea. Thus the mission of X Pledis is to develop K-Pop idol stars in training into shining stars in the K-Pop industry. To know more about Hybe x Pledis Entertainment Audition 2024 along with Global Audition Date, Online Apply, Venue, and Email Address, kindly go through the complete article below.

Hybe x Pledis Entertainment Audition 2024

Together with making this happen, Pledis gathers young talent and youthful thinking while utilizing creative planning and novel ideas. Additionally, Pledis creates new value through the innovative cultural material created by utilizing the skills and intangible assets of our budding K-Pop idol stars. Above all, X Pledis Entertainment was founded by Han Sung Soo, who also collaborated with Park Kahi and Son Dam Bi. South Korean record company and entertainment company X Pledis Entertainment. Thus they were established in 2007 and currently feature acts like After School, SEVENTEEN, and from 9.

Hybe x Pledis Entertainment Audition

Hybe x Pledis Entertainment Audition Online For Girls, Age Limit- Highlights

Name of the event Pledis entertainment
Parent company  PLEDIS Entertainment Co., Ltd
Industry Entertainment
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Founder Hand- Sung-Soo
Areas to participate Rap, Dance, Acting
Age Limit Born after 2005,
Website https://pledisaudition.co.kr/
For Forigners no restrictions on gender or nationality
E-mail [email protected].
Selection procedure 3 round
Nationality Open to all
Religion Open to all
Area Of Recuritment Sing, Dance, Model, Lab, Performance

Pledis Entertainment Audition 2024 Global Date

But on May 25, 2020, it was reported on May 25, 2020, that Big Hit Entertainment had bought Pledis Entertainment after growing to be their largest shareholder. As a result, it and as a result would join the HYBE group of companies.

Specifically, after School made their debut as Pledis’ first girl group in January 2009. Pledis Entertainment created the South Korean female group After School, which has an admissions and graduation premise. As of December 2019, After School consists of just one person. Therefore the group still includes Raina, Lizzy, E-Young, and Kaeun. The first division of the South Korean female group After School is called Orange Caramel. Then the third-generation After School members Nana, Raina, and Lizzy created the subgroup in 2010. Although in 2010, the members of Orange Caramel, a branch of After School, were created. Therefore, they were Nana, Lizzy, and Raina.

Hybe x Pledis Entertainment Audition Online Form 2024

Subsequently, Happy Pledis 1st Albums, which featured After School and featured the songs “Love Love Love” and “Someone Is You,” was released by Pledis in December 2010. Thus, the annual release of the Happy Pledis album series, which included Pledis musicians, raised money for charitable causes. Then the first album’s sales were used to support Save the Children. [Reference needed]

Therefore, with earnings going to UNICEF, the Happy Pledis 2nd Album, featuring Son Dam-bi, After School, Pledis Boys, and Yoo Ara, was released in December.

Application Form Click Here 
Application Period

2024.08.25(Fri) ~ 2024.09.17(Sun)  24:00 (KST)


Born after 2005

Any gender and nationality

Field Vocal / Rap  / Dance
Audition Inquiries

Instagram @pledis_audition_official

About Pledis Entertainment Audition Date, Venue, Email Address

Such as challenging your dream with X Pledis during the audition. However, X Pledis, a corporation made up of NANA, BAEKHO, MINHYUN, SEVENTEEN, FROMIS 9, BUMZU, YEHANA, and SUNGYEON, is searching for the top performer from all around the world for the larger stage of the world. Therefore, we anticipate receiving all of your applications with your abundance of talent.

Venue China
Email  [email protected]
Latest Audition Date November

Qualifications of the applicant

For the most part, Born after 2003, no restrictions for nationality or gender.

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Selection procedure:

  • The email program
  • Although meeting right away with the company’s casting staff
  • Release of the outcome
  • Then we will contact each qualifying step 1 applicant directly.
  • Therefore, please be informed that step-1 applications that do not qualify will not be notified.
  • Thus it is not possible to submit an unofficial individual application or validate the results

Areas to participate:-

  • RAP

Important notice:-

  • Moreover, applications with missed attachments won’t be evaluated at step 1 of the audition.
  • Thus, include a front view of the face and a full body shot in at least two of the pictures.
  • Meanwhile, a photograph that is edited will not be evaluated.

How to apply:-

  •  Filling out the application form and attaching files are required
  • If the attached files are not sufficient, they will be excluded from the screening
  • Attached files: 2 or more photos including the front of the face and the whole body;
    retouched photos will be excluded from the screening
  • (song/rap sound source or video, dance) /acting/model pose or walking video
  • Then, E-MAIL application Please copy, complete, and send the application below to [email protected].
  • Name,
  • Birth Date,
  • Nationality,
  • Height and Weight,
  • School,
  • Contact Information,
  • SNS ID, and any additional information.

Therefore, a signed form of the AUDITION APPLICATION is not accepted. Also and the trainee is no longer responsible for any costs.

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