Hybe ADOR Global Audition 2024 Online Registration, Date, Venue, Age Requirements

All enthusiasts who desire to take part in the well-known Ador worldwide have good news. Applications for the Hybe ADOR Global Audition 2024 are now available. So you can apply now if you want to be a part of this amazing reality program. The highly competitive Hybe ADOR Global Audition 2024 draws hundreds of aspirants from all over the world who aim to become the next big thing in the K-pop business. The audition seeks to identify and support young artists who may develop into the next big K-pop star. Prepare to learn more about this stunning Hybe ADOR Global audition in 2024.

Hybe ADOR Global Audition 2024 Online Registration

Many of us mistakenly believe that this platform is solely for countries with Korean populations. The Hybe ADOR Global Audition 2024 is accessible to anyone who loves K-pop music and is willing to showcase their skills. It is not exclusively for Korean nationals. Singing, dancing, charm, stage presence, and overall star quality are among the audition requirements. 

Hybe ADOR Global Audition
Hybe ADOR Global Audition 2024 Online Registration

Hybe ADOR Global Audition 2024 Online Registration- Highlights

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Dates and locations for the Hybe ADOR Global Audition 2024

The trial run provides them with a stage on which to perform for some of the biggest names in the music business. Additionally, chosen artists will get the chance to receive training from some of the top mentors and producers in K-pop.

Before submitting an application for a Hybe Ador audition in 2024, make sure you meet all the eligibility requirements:-

  • Hybe Ador Global Audition 20223 is open to applicants born between 2003 and 2011.
  • Gender is not an obstacle. Participants may be either men or women.
  • Regarding the candidates’ nationalities, there are no restrictions. Anyone from any country is eligible to apply for the Hybe Ador Global Audition 2024.

Procedure to Register Online for Hybe ADOR Global Auditions

Thus, you must compete in two rounds in the 2024 Hybe audition. You must post your performances and profiles to the official website for the first round of submissions. This stage of the pre-screening process focuses mostly on the talent and appearance of the applicants. A live audition is done in a few cities during the second round.

Before registering for HAG, you need to take the following actions:-

  • On the event’s official website, participants must register online.
  • To register for the Hybe ADOR Global audition, submit your registration form together with the required video and photos.
  • Keep in mind that you must turn in your registration form by the deadline.
  • With the Hybe ADOR Global Audition 2024, participants pursuing professions in acting, singing, dancing, or modeling have a fantastic chance.

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Registration Types for the 2024 Hybe Ador Global Audition

  • Sharing the many categories of the Hybe Ador Global Audition 2024 makes us incredibly happy! This year’s audition is bigger and better than ever before thanks to its wide range of categories. 
  • Vocals are the first category, where performers can display their multilingual singing prowess. 
  • The second area is dance, where potential dancers can display their amazing skills in conjunction with any style of music they like. 
  • Let’s move on to the third area, visual, where aspiring actors and models can showcase their attractiveness in front of a panel of business executives. 

Finally, the Rapping category gives producers a chance to showcase their technical and artistic skills by creating unique beats or musical arrangements. In case you are You must introduce yourself in the Rap audition if you’re a rapper and want to showcase your talent on a global scale. 

In 2024, the Hybe ADOR Global Audition will be a huge opportunity for rising K-pop performers. Young musicians have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to break into the music business, catch the attention of famous people, and launch their careers as K-pop stars thanks to this audition.

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