Harsha Sai Phone Number, REAL WhatsApp Number, Contact Address & Email ID

There is no need to introduce “Harsha Sai” he is a stunt philanthropist on YouTube just like MrBeast who helps people and then makes a video to gain popularity and subscribers. Many of his fans continue searching for Harsha Sai’s Phone Number, REAL WhatsApp Number, Contact Address, and Email ID. Here we will share with you How you can contact Harsha Sai and share his Phone Number, including his personal WhatsApp Number and Social media handles. So without any delay, let’s read this article ahead.

Harsha Sai Phone Number 2023

Let us tell you that Harsha Sai is a multi-talented actor, social worker, YouTuber, Content Creator, social media influencer, and Philanthropist. People in India also know him as “Local Mr. Beast”. He hails from the State of Andhra Pradesh and was born on 13th November 1995, in Hyderabad. Harsha runs multiple YouTube Channels with more than 9.1 Million subscribers. He is the country’s most popular YouTuber whose generous acts of kindness turned into spectacles garnering millions in views and ad revenue.

It is being said that this model was pioneered by an American YouTube fame ‘MrBeast’. Sai often says that he used the money from his YouTube earnings and ad revenue to fund opulent charity trusts for example turning a poor barber into a millionaire and buying an SUV using only coins and building a media empire to pursue such stunts. In the below section, check the short Bio of Harsha Sai along with his phone number and other details.

Harsha Sai Phone Real WhatsApp Address and Email
Harsha Sai Phone Real WhatsApp Address and Email

Harsha Sai Profile & Short Bio – Overview

Real Name Harsha Sai
Date of Birth 13 November 1995
Age 28 Years
Place Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Profession YouTuber, Social Worker, Actor, etc.
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Marital Status Unmarried
Schooling PSR Public School
Graduation Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from GITAM University
Phone Number (+91) 95026 00***
Category Contact Details

Some Notable or Charity Works by Harsha Sai

Story of making a milkman millionaire: It is suggested that Harsha Sai was surprising a milkman, his wife, and their ailing son. The buffaloes were 100-pound bovines from the Murrah breed, known as “black gold” because of their high-volume milk production.  At 6:30 hrs. in the morning, Sai’s team unloaded the buffaloes onto the unsuspecting family’s front yard.

After seeing this gesture, the couple went into a sudden shock and became emotional. Now, the couple was the owner of buffaloes prized at Rs. 400,000. Moreover, he also gifted the couple a buffalo shed of 200,000 square feet of land to house their livestock. By 2022, Sai had moved into big-budget, movie-style productions. He opened a free petrol pump for a day for his subscribers. Chaos ensued, with nearly 2,000 people flooding the petrol pump.

In his Telugu accent, he has dubbed his content in multiple Indian languages including Tamil and Hindi, reaching a cumulative subscriber base of 20 million. Due to these works, he has faced several challenges. In the year 2022, Telugu journalists began investigating Sai’s income, the authenticity of his beneficiaries, etc.

Harsha Sai Career Journey

As we have mentioned above Harsha Sai was born into a middle-class Telugu family. Seeing the rigorous pain and struggle faced by his parents, he started a YouTube Channel namely ‘Harsha Sai- For You Telugu’ in the year 2018 after completing his education. Initially, he navigated through all the topics related to health, diet, weight loss, and so on. Later on, he expanded his area of interest and started recording content on different topics such as recording of buying and selling of cars, staying at some haunted place, etc.

He came into the picture when he bought a car with Rs. 5 coins. It gave him great flux and became popular in the YouTube community. Thereafter, he resorted to charity work. He used to search places where people were living in vulnerable conditions facing scarcity of resources and unable to fulfill the necessities of life, that is, bread, clothing, and shelter. Harsha Sai started donating money to fulfill the dreams of those people who are living in remote areas.

His few charitable works are;

  • Opened Free Petrol Pump
  • Built a House for Barber
  • Took 100 poor people to Taj Falaknuma Palace etc.

Harsha Sai REAL WhatsApp Number & Email ID

People are keen to know the contact details of Harsha Sai so that they can reach out to him to appreciate him or seek any sort of help from him. In this article, we will be sharing all the contact details with you.

WhatsApp Number (+91) 95026-00756
Phone Number (+91) 61279-51102
E-mail ID [email protected]
Personal Mobile No Click Here

These were some contact details of Harsha which he shares publicly for his fans and followers. They can reach out to him by pinging him on WhatsApp or calling him at the mobile number provided above.

Social Media Accounts of Harsha Sai

Also, Harsha Sai uses various social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. through which people can approach him. We will provide you with his all social media handles so that you can contact him.

Social Media Platforms Handle/ IDs
Instagram Account https://www.instagram.com/harshasai_
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/blogger109/
Twitter ID https://twitter.com/harshasai_
YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@HarshaSaiForYou

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