Fave Entertainment Audition 2024 for New Groups, Registration Date & Venue

Fave Entertainment Audition 2024 for New Groups, Registration Date & Venu: The South Korean entertainment company Fave Entertainment was established in 2012 and is currently a part of Kakao Entertainment. Later, in 2019, Kakao M announced that this business and the Plan A music label would merge to form Plan M Entertainment. Later on, Kakao M announced that for future uses, Plan M Entertainment and Cre. Kar entertainment would be combined. In November 2021, he finally finished all of his merger policies and decided that the new corporate name for the business would be IST Entertainment. Please read the entire post below if you want to apply for Fave Entertainment Audition 2024 for New Groups, Check Auditions Date & Application Process.

Fave Entertainment Audition 2024

On October 19, Fave Entertainment announced that they had begun preparing for the release of the “Fave Girls Group”, a new female group that will debut in early 2019. Finally, the countdown until their premiere has begun. Soon, a fresh new girl group will make their official debut on Fave Entertainment!

Fave Entertainment will make details about seven trainees who are vying to make their debut as “Fave Girls” members public. Additionally, the agency will release a behind-the-scenes film of the young women rehearsing for their debut.

In addition, the “Fave Girls” participants will perform on November 11 at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul as part of a unique “Pre-Show” named “WE?” to introduce their new project. The group’s lineup has seen significant fluctuation since it was formed in 2017. On May 11, 2020, it was made known that the remaining members would perform as Weekly for the first time on stage. By registering for the online Fave Entertainment Audition 2024, anyone can now join Fave Girls. So continue to follow us.

Fave Entertainment Audition

Fave Entertainment Audition 2024 for New Groups- Highlights

Title Fave Entertainment Audition 2024 for New Groups, Registration Date & Venue
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Fave Entertainment 2024 New Group Audition Date & Application Procedure

According to the company’s release, the prime group for Fave Entertainment is now being put together with gems that are both talented and qualified. They are therefore getting ready to carry out a special project that will allow the general public to see the girls’ “pre-debut” preparations and see how they have improved. By leveraging its core competencies and the synergy between the manufacturing processes, “We will stand as a more innovative and fiercely competitive label on the domestic and international stages,” M. Kakao. 

  • All applicants for this show must have been born between the years of 2003 and 2011.
  • Applications are accepted from March through December 2024 for the auditions.
  • The application deadlines for each market are therefore as follows. For North America, the deadline is August 31, for China is September, for Asia (apart from China and Japan) is October, for Japan is November, for Oceania is December, and for Europe is January.

Regular Observation Standards for Fave Entertainment Audition

Therefore, the scoring for the singing category is 20% staging, 20% pronunciation & emotion, and 60% skill.

40% choreography, 30% stage presence, and 30% technique make up the dance category.

The following group will appear on stage for this performance: APINK, VICTION, BANDAGE, WEEKLY, ATBO, CHOBOM, and THE BOYS.

Procedure to Apply Online for Fave Entertainment Audition 2024

However, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, or age, all applicants are accepted for the audition. Anyone interested in applying can visit the audition website (https://audition.kakaoent.com) and select one of their talents, such as singing, dancing, or rapping, during one of the various application windows.

  • The first phase of auditions will consist of online video and photo reviews, while the second round will consist of one-on-one video conversations.
  • Artists that make it to the final round have the opportunity to sign an exclusive deal as a trainee or artists with Kakao Entertainment or its labels.
  • Therefore, reality TV is essential for those with talent. Since it shows a truthful representation of the people on the screen, reality TV is becoming increasingly popular these days.
  • If you want to participate, You must submit your audition video for this event if you want to be admitted.
  • Therefore, carefully read all the material before requesting the KPOP Entry Form 2024 for singing and dancing.
  • if you have a good voice and dance. You can submit an online application for the K-POP competition in India in 2024. Then, as advised by the official team, you must submit the audition video.

Process for choosing contestants for IST Entertainment Survival

Favorite Entertainment Show, a part of the South Korean agency IST Entertainment, is actively looking for large groups, and their recruitment process includes both an audition and a survival competition. The expected survival competition’s debut will take place in March or April, the agency reported. Then a program that documents how to survive is released.

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