Cube Entertainment Audition 2024 Registration, Age Limit, Apply

Cube Entertainment Audition Application Form, Registration  Every brilliant person wants the ideal place to achieve their ambitions. Cube Entertainment is one of that ideal places. It is a creative space that gives you a path. With the help of this path, your work can be discovered and recognized. It will help you advance your career. If you wish to advance your career, you must participate in cube entertainment. This platform gives you a chance to show your skills and ability across the world.

Cube Entertainment audition 2024

Entertainment is well-known in the entertainment industry. It is well known for displaying a variety of talents. It is also linking them with professions. Performers from across the world can demonstrate their distinctive talents and look into prospects in the acting industry through Cube Entertainment Audition. It increases your probability of succeeding in the field. This cube entertainment audition 2024 also promotes your confidence. 

South Korean company Cube International is involved in live concerts and music production. It was founded in 2005–2006. And it offers singers worldwide to perform well via its reality shows and musical performances.  After joining the organization, many individual rappers, pop singers, and singing duets became well-known. All contestants on Cube International’s reality program receive equal possibilities. And the company is presently taking online applications from people worldwide for its many music business categories.

Cube Entertainment Audition

Cube Entertainment Audition Date, Male, Female- Highlights

Article Cube Entertainment
Article for Cube entertainment audition
Year 2024
Audition type Open and privet
Audition registration process Online
Audition application process Online
Age limit  No age limit
Audition category Rap
Vocal and
Genre music
Official website

Cube Entertainment 2024 Application

There are two types of Cube entertainment auditions available. The first is a private audition, and the second is an open one. If you wish to give a private audition, you must provide audition material. You can provide your audition material by Instagram id or email id, or you can send it directly. 

If you select the privet audition, you do not need to go to the audition place. You have to give your audition video to the authorities. 

Eligibility Criteria

The major concern for candidates who are preparing for the auditions is age. The primary qualification for the auditions is remarkable singing skills. Before completing the online application form, you must read every detail. 

The Cube International audition 2024 does not have an age restriction. To prepare your skills for the online audition, put in the effort well.

Cube Entertainment Audition 2024 Registration

If you want to give an open audition for cube entertainment, you must first complete the registration process. It means you must fill out the cube entertainment 2024 audition application form. You can complete your registration with the help of the below steps. 

Steps to register for the Cube Entertainment 2024 audition

  • Step 1: First, go to the cube entertainment audition official website. 
  • Step 2: open this link. Now you will see the joining link on the right side top of the page. 
  • Step 3: click this link. After that, a new page opens. Here, you have to submit the necessary details to the signup form. 
  • Step 4: First, you have to submit your ID and password. You can submit any ID and password for your preference. 
  • Step 5: then fill up confirm password. After that, provide your details. It includes your name, nickname, email id, birth date, and many more.
  • Step 6: fill up your correct home address and zip code. And the last you have to give your contact details. It means to write your phone number. 
  • Step 7: scroll down and click the enrolment tab. This way, you can register your application form for the cube entertainment audition. 

Procedure to Apply for Cube Entertainment Audition 2024

You can check updates on your registration process on its official website. You have to visit the official website. Then submit your ID and password that you created when you apply the registration form. And login to the account. After that, you will see registration progress. 

The organization will accept registrations for the different singing and musical categories. The organization’s internet portal is currently accepting registrations for the auditions. Candidates who meet the requirements can apply.

 Before submitting an online application for the audition, it is advised that you will carefully review all of the terms and requirements.

The final registration deadline for the Cube International Audition 2024 has not yet been made public as soon as the registration dates are announced. So, stay updated with the cube entertainment 2024 audition. 


  • I am in the 18 age group. I need the consent of my parent.
    Ans: if you are under the 18 age group, you must require your parent’s consent.
  • What is cube entertainment?
    Ans: cube entertainment is an organization in South Korea. It is one type of platform. Here, the talented person shows their skills and expertise in the entertainment industry.
  • Is there is age limit required for the cube entertainment audition 2024?
    Ans: no, there is no age limit required for the cube entertainment audition 2024. Every aged group is free to apply for the cube entertainment audition 2024.
  • What type of video require for the cube entertainment audition 2024?
    Ans: if your audition video is for vocal and rap, your video must have 1 minute. If you provide a dance video, then your video should be 1 minute. And make sure it will record a full body. If you provide a visual audition video, it should be about 30 seconds of self-promotion. And make sure the video shows your upper body.
  • Which is the official website of cube entertainment audition 2024?
    Ans: cube entertainment audition 2024 official website is

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  1. hi I’m viddya
    i want to give kpop audition because it’s my four years dream 😔 but my parents are not supporting me, but I want to show them the power of k-pop idol, i am good in dance, and singing vocal

  2. Hi I’m Ayako Rose and l always wanted to be a singer since I was a little girl I’m good at singing and a little bit in dancing too I would to audition for the group I’m actually self taught and it’s been rough but I know if I get to be a trainee I would do well and become a great star thank you for the website

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