Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 for Season 5, Online Registration Form & Date

Comedy Khiladigalu is one of India’s most well-known Kannada-language comedy reality television programs. A large number of individuals in Karnataka observe this reality show, which is filled with both joy and amusement. Zed Kannada produces the upcoming Comedy and Reality program. This post is intended to provide information about the ZED Kannada comic Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024, Kannada Comic Khiladi Season 5 audition Online registration for Season 5, eligibility criteria, documents, application date, application procedures, venue, and other pertinent information.

ZEE Kannada Comedy Khiladigalu Audition

The Zed Kannada Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 is a reality program. It is currently seeking new talent. We have talked about it already. A lot of people are there with the ability to make others laugh and a sense of humor that others enjoy. They are encouraged to participate in this program. The victor of this competition will be determined by sole rules. It will be seen which contestants can simultaneously perform in front of the judges and make them laugh. The fourth season of this comedy Season 5 has just concluded. So auditions have begun for the impending fifth season.

Very shortly, Zed Kannada Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 Season 5 will be held. Many candidates are applying to be considered for a role in this program. They must demonstrate their comedic abilities. They need to make the judges and audience laugh. On the official website for Zed Kannada Comedy Khiladigalu, which can be found at, there is more information. You can learn more here about the registration process for Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 Season 5. You must satisfy the eligibility requirements. Before submitting an application for Comedy Khiladigalu, it is essential for you to review the rules and regulations. You can always download the corresponding mobile application. That is if you prefer not to use the website to conclude the registration process. This article will comprehensively analyze every aspect of Zee Kannada Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 as mentioned above. So stay with the article till the end.

Comedy Khiladigalu Audition

Comedy Khiladigalu Season 5- Highlights

Show Name  Comedy Khiladigalu
Type of the show Comedy
Season Season 5
Year 2024
Age Limit 6- 60 years old
Will be Aired Zee Kannada Channel
Registration process Online
Official website

Required Qualifications

Applying for the Zed Kannada Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 Season 5? You must meet specific eligibility requirements. Listed below are all the descriptions. To be considered, applicants must be between the ages of six and sixty.

Candidates must demonstrate an advanced level of Kannada language proficiency:

  • Participation in the Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024Season 5 would be limited to Indian citizens who could provide citizenship documentation.
  • To register for the Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024Season 5, you should bring all the required documentation.
  • The ability to make people giggle is only one of the participation requirements. Candidates with a background in humor and an appreciation for comedy are encouraged to apply.
  • Each candidate is anticipated to be in excellent health.

Auditions and documentation are required for the Comedy Khiladigalu.

We will now provide the list of documents, the Online Registration Form & Date based on the registration procedure for the Zed Kannada Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 Season 5. This is being done so that information regarding the Zed Kannada Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 can be provided.

Comedy Khiladigalu Season 5 Audition Date and Time

Date Not Announced
Timing Every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30

The listing includes the following documents:-

  • The candidate’s Aadhar card proof
  • Candidate’s D.O.B
  • A passport-sized photograph of the applicant is required as evidence.

Documentation of one’s nationality

Comedy Video Valid Email Address Mobile Number Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024Season 5 Date and Place.

“Comedy Khiladi” is the most well-known comedy-themed reality television program. There has been no new development regarding the audition. This is as per the information currently available. According to the official Season 5Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 website, the audition date for Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024Season 5 has not yet been determined. Nevertheless, you should monitor this page if you wish to remain current. Only the fact that Season 5Comedy Khiladigalu Audition 2024 will be held in Karnataka’s main cities has been made public.

These Cities Have Been Highlighted

  • Bangalore
  • Mysuru
  • Hubli
  • Bijapur
  • Mangaluru

In the meantime, you can prepare yourself to demonstrate your talent. To ensure your seat is reserved, you must adhere to all the essential requirements and instructions.

Procedure to Zee Kannada Comedy Khiladigalu Audition Registration

You are eligible to register for this show if you have completed all instructions and guidelines regarding eligibility requirements. During the registration application process, you must remember the applicable rules and regulations.

Follow the steps indicated below to initiate the registration process for Zee5 Kannada Comedy Khailadigalu:

  • You must visit the official Season 5 Zee5 Kannada website to complete the registration procedure for Season 5 Zed Kannada Comedy Khiladigalu.
  • Your browser will now open to the homepage of the website. You are tasked with locating the registration for Season 5 Comedy Khiladigalu at this location.
  • You should now see the registration link over there; please select this link.
  • When you click this link, you will be redirected to a registration page for the event.
  • Please review all of the instructions and guidelines supplied below before beginning to fill out the form.
  • The next stage is to verify the accuracy of the information provided on the registration form.
  • These details include your name, email address, mobile phone number, address, educational background, and any other pertinent information.
  • Please upload the three-minute comedy act video you recorded for Season 5. In this section, guidelines for videos have been discussed.
  • In the final stage, the submit button must be clicked. The process of registering you as a user is now complete.

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