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The Atal Bridge in Ahmedabad is attracting attention from all corners of the nation. This bridge was constructed over the Sabarmati River, and on August 27, 2022, it was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former prime minister of India, was honored by the appellation of this location. Thanks to this bridge and the minimal Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price, the East Bank and West Bank of the Sabarmati River are now connected. People are currently browsing for information regarding the Ahmedabad Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price 2024 and the Ticket Booking Online & Timing following the opening of this bridge. It is primarily a pedestrian bridge, but cyclists may also use it. The Ticket Booking Online & Timing procedure is something people must know.

Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Online Booking

The bridge’s design was created with gliders in mind. The bridge’s rhombus-shaped framework is redolent of a kite, which is appropriate given that the kite festival is one of the city’s most popular events. The bridge’s length is 300 meters, and its width varies between 10 and 14 meters. The entire length of the bridge is 300 meters. It is located on the Sabarmati River bank and cost 74 crore rupees to construct. The Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price is relatively low. This pedestrian bridge is also sometimes known as the Atal Setu. The municipal corporation of Ahmedabad owns the property. Atal Setu can be utilized to traverse the Sabarmati River.

Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price
Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Online Booking

After the competition for the bridge’s design concluded, the blueprints for the structure were completed. People can recline on this bridge due to the installation of steel seats. The addition of LED illumination to the bridge greatly improves the appearance of this location. It is advantageous for individuals to park their vehicles adjacent to the Atal Bridge so that they can then walk to the bridge. One can know all this by knowing on Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price and Ticket Booking Online & Timing. The cafeteria’s location lets patrons appreciate spending time on the bridge while admiring the surrounding natural beauty.

Atal Bridge Sabarmati Ticket Booking- Highlights

Bridge Name Atal Bridge
Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price Commonly 30/- rs for one person
The river under the bridge Sabarmati river
length  300 meters (980 ft) long
Opening & Closing Timings  9 am to 9 pm
the visitor will be allowed Timing on Bridge 30 Mins Maximum
Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Helpline Number +91 (079) 26580430
Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Official Website Click Here 

Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Online Booking Price

The city of Ahmedabad is a prominent tourist destination. By June 2024, the entire construction of the Atal Bridge had been completed. It was inaugurated on August 27, 2024, by Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India. It has a length of 300 meters (980 feet) and a girth between 10 and 14 meters (33 to 46 feet). The bridge is in close proximity to the Ellis Bridge and the Sardar Bridge. The Atal Bridge in Ahmedabad is a steel girder structure that spans one traffic lane and is supported by two other foundations, Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price is quite reasonable. The cross-section of the truss is shaped like a rhombus, which resembles the shape of a kite. Consequently, if you are contemplating how to spend the weekend, you may want to contemplate visiting Atal Bridge. Just know the Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price and Ticket Booking Online and timing beforehand.

The process of purchasing tickets is conducted offline and online as well. Know the Ticket Booking Online & Timing surely. Before you can purchase a ticket to visit the Atal Bridge with the respected Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price, you must go to the location where tickets are sold. This section will contain information about purchasing tickets, opening and closing periods, and our contact details. All of these Ticket Booking Online & Timing topics and more are investigated in depth. Consequently, you should read this essay in its entirety.

Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price

In the following paragraphs, we will examine the Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price in greater detail. The overwhelming majority of individuals have expressed interest in touring the recently opened Atal Bridge but are unaware of the Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price to enter.

Persons & Children Price 
0 to 3 years Free Of Cost
12+ to 59 years Rs. 30/Person
60 and above years Rs. 15/Person
Differently Able (Divyang person) Free Of Cost

Atal Bridge Location in Ahmadabad

Ahmad, after reviewing all of the information on Ticket Booking Online & Timing and Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Ticket Price, we have reached this point where we will discuss the location of the Atal Bridge. This bridge is 300 meters in length and 14 meters in width. The construction of this structure utilized 2,600 metric tonnes of steel pipelines. Its elevation is composed of glass and stainless steel, and its roof is composed of multicolored patterned fabric. The westernmost section of Atal Bridge features a flower garden, while the easternmost section features a presently under-construction art and culture center. It is situated between the Nehru Bridge and the Gandhi Bridge on the Pujya Pramukh Swami Marg, which is at River Front Road West in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 380009. You can also visit this page to observe the tracked sites on a map.

Location Sabarmati Riverfront on Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Timing

Atala Bridge Opening Time 9 AM
Atla Bridge Closing Time 9 PM
Visitor allows duration 30 Minutes Maximum

Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Distance

Delhi to Atal Bridge Ahmedabad 946.3 km ( Vai NH)
UP to Atal Bridge Ahmedabad 1,270.3 km (Vai Agra Lucknow Expressway)
Mumbai to Atal Bridge Ahmedabad 527.7 km ( Vai NH)
Hariyana to Atal Bridge Ahmedabad 971.6 km ( Vai NH)

Atal Bridge Ahmedabad Contact Number

Address 2nd Floor, “Riverfront House”, B/h. H.K. Arts College, Between Gandhi & Nehru Bridge, Pujya Pramukh Swami Marg (River Front Road – West), Ahmedabad – 380009
Booking Number
+91 (079) 26580430
Email ID [email protected]

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